Able Carpet Care is certified by the following companies:

IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification
A.C.C.I (Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute)
Wools Of New Zealand
DuPont Stainmaster
Milliken Capture
Interface Australia

Friendly Tips

10 tips and helpful information for new clients

New interior paint should be left to cure prior to washing. Curing time is different to drying time and water based paint will dry in a few hours but cure in around 7 days.

When washing newly painted cured interior walls use clean water and a sponge to wash stain as a 1st step, then if the stain is stubborn use dish washing detergent. Some Premium paints are able to be scrubbed.

After interior wall paint is applied wait until after curing time to hang paintings and pictures to avoid sticking and ripping the new paint.

Wash exterior surfaces regularly, approx yearly to remove dirt, dust and mould which will erode paint film which becomes chalky.

Decking oils need to be applied once breakdown of surface is noticed mainly in areas exposed to the weather. This can be, on some occasions, after 1 summer season.

Any breakdown on exterior paint surfaces such as cracks and gaps can cause moisture to get in and break down the paint film at a faster rate. The longer the broken surface is left the more preparation needed and sometimes repair work at extra cost.

Check web sites like Home Improvement Pages for colour inspiration. Photos of homes and exterior colours can be accessed.

Match colours to house fixtures such as kitchen bench tops, carpets, tiles, roof tiles.

Keep left over paint in clearly labeled original cans for future reference even if the paint becomes unusable, it’s good to have the original containers for reference.

Before painting commences have all necessary repairs completed such as rotten timber replaced, curtain rods changed, water leaks repaired, this all makes for a successful and completed painting job.

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