Why Should my carpets be steam-cleaned, when my friend had hers done and they were left saturated and smelly ?

The professionally trained technicians at Able carpet care has the best steam cleaning equipment and knowledge avoiding these problems. Using Advanced cleaning systems and cleaning solutions your soil and stains are removed in most cases, most water is extracted and your fiber will be left clean and fresh.

What is the preferred method and best clean ?

Hot water Extraction(steam clean) is the only thorough restoration clean you can perform on your carpets, rugs, upholstery or curtains. Dry cleaning is a great way to freshen up your fiber. We recommend to dry clean fibers every 2-4 months and HWE every 12-24 months. This will remove soil stains and the build up of allergens such as dust and pollens. Your Home or work place will clean and fresh again.

Why are you more expensive than other well publicized Fiber cleaners ?

Our training, equipment and service is the best, and we can back this up with our testimonials. We will take the time to clean your precious fibers and restore them back to its best condition.

How long does it take for my carpets, rugs and upholstery to dry after they have been steam cleaned ?

It will depend on the dwelling, circulation and heat is needed to dry the carpets, rugs and upholstery generally 4-24 hours. A drying service is available at a small cost reducing drying to about 2 hours.

How often should I vacuum my carpets rugs and upholstery?

This depends on traffic, a trained staff member can advise you when you get your carpets serviced. Once per week is a general rule with a quality twin motored vacuum.

Does steam cleaning damage my fibers long- term ?

Cleaning of the fibers regularly increases the life of the fibers and decreases damage caused by wear soil and spills.

Isn't it better if I hold out as long as possible before I clean my fibers in my rugs, carpets, upholstery or curtains?

The longer a fiber is left before cleaning the more chance of permanent damage from soil to the fibre and reducing the fibers life.

Why do you have a minimum charge ?

The minimum charge covers the operators time to travel to the job, setting up and returning.

Can your chemicals be harmful, especially to babies ?

We Use safe environmentally friendly chemicals to clean the fiber and use caution at all times. Please ask the operator for more inforamation

Why do stains reappear after I've had my carpets cleaned ?

Stains reappear on the carpet usually when applied in a concentrate and not properly rinsed from the fiber. This may happen from a spill or when chemical is used to clean a spot. Carpets that have not been cleaned regularly can wick soil from the fiber.

Why should I have a quality vacuum cleaner ?

Your vacuum cleaner is the number one key to keeping your carpets clean and preventing soiling. Your vacuum is your weapon to prolonging the life of your valuable asset.

How often should I spot clean my carpets myself ?

Spot cleaning should be performed on a regular basis (monthly), anything spilt on the carpet should be attended to straight away.
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